Brands make Heroes

Some say Hero Branding® is „… the marketing revolution, that turns everything upside down”. Others consider it ”… the only method for brands to sustainably communicate in our totally changed media landscape”. What we know is that we’ve created something trailblazing. Hero Branding® is the only story-centered method that fuses psychological insights, proven methods of how to build brands employing timeless archetypal myths, rules and techniques for creating compelling characters and absorbing stories. In this way, we develop audience-centered powerful storyworlds – beyond advertising.

Please stop
stalking now.

You’d love nothing better than to constantly yell at people in order to separate them from their money? Adverstalking repels people! People protect themselves from it and turn towards truly relevant things. With Hero Branding we intertwine your brand’s and people’s common values so they’ll actively look for you.

The Hero Branding® Journey

The Hero Branding® Journey condenses Joseph Campbell's basic structure of the mythological hero's journey. This is the framework of a vital, compelling and relevant brand story with the audience at its center.

The Immersive Brand Experience

Hero Branding® fuels a vital storyworld. In this one-of-a-kind universe, people and brand interact, share their questions, answers, experiences and values. The story world spreads out through all touchpoints and media. An Immersive Brand Experience emerges beyond advertising.

Hero brands have higher proven success.

The numbers make it clear: brands that have meaning in people’s lives pay off. They have a significantly higher share of wallet, better performance in KPIs, stock markets and overall growth than others. With Hero Branding, we distill the purpose and relevance of your brand – the fuel for a powerful brand story.

Don't mistake your product for your business.

Which business are you in? Nike is in the sporting goods business? Wrong! Coca Cola is in the soft drink business? Wrong! And you? Probably wrong again. With Hero Branding you’ll discover how you truly enhance people’s lives and we’re pretty sure that it has nothing to do with the utility of your product.

Brand as hero has
had its day.

Brands that consider themselves to be the heroes and customers as their property are dead. The good news: these days a brand can play a new, more valuable role in people’s lives. With Hero Branding we find the perfect role for your brand and how this makes your customers heroes.

For free: a brand story that will always work.


If you want a better one, please give us a call.

Who on Earth wants his customer’s money?

Everyone can sell, at least one time. The most precious thing you can get from your customers isn’t their money, but their time. With Hero Branding we develop a sustainable relationship that gets you priceless time with brand.

A brand story can never be about the brand.

John Steinbeck made the point: “If a story isn’t about the hearer he will not listen.” If your audience isn’t the lead character in your brand story, you failed. With Hero Branding we radically turn outdated thinking upside down. The brand isn’t the hero anymore – the brand makes the customer the hero.

Who are you?

Together, we will find and develop a precise profile, a multifaceted character model and the role of your brand by using our Herobrand-Profiling with about 4,000 traits and around 100 character archetypes.

Why Social Media doesn't work. Or does it?

Hundreds of thousands of fans on Facebook but hardly any traffic? How can that be? It’s this simple: if the brand story is not right and the brand tells about itself instead of making its customer the lead character, the story can never live and grow. Hero Branding changes this substantially to your advantage.

Butterflies don't belch.

Howard L. Gossage once put it: “Is it any wonder that most advertising has the efficacy of a butterfly’s belch?” With Hero Branding you stop producing meaningless noise and start interacting with your audiences based on common values. Thus advertising turns into meaningful communication that will be actively sought after by people. We call this “Immersive Brand Experience” and it is way, way better than it sounds.

What does King Arthur do on Wall Street?

If you understand that story isn’t about narrative but about the emotional world of values beneath it, you’ll embrace the huge new potential of prospective customers for your brand. Because every story can be told differently for different audiences while still remaining the same story. So the King Arthur legend can be turned into “Star Wars” or “Wall Street.”

For the record: We won't work for you!

We work with you. And with passion! Because any brand story that comes from the outside, in vanity or fakery, will fail. With Hero Branding, together we will discover and develop your brand’s character, its strengths and values and what makes it compelling. That works.

Caution: Storytelling leads astray!

Storytelling sounds good, but is wrong. Because this is nothing more than outdated advertising thinking in disguise. Top down doesn’t work. Story is not about a haunting narrative but about the values beneath it. Values have to be shared and not told. Storytelling doesn’t work. Storysharing works. With Hero Branding we develop your brand’s world of values.

What story is, as eloquently explained by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.”– Story is a shared yearning.

Who are you talking to?

Together, we will find and develop a precise profile and a multifaceted character model of your audiences by using our Herobrand-Profiling with about 4,000 traits and around 100 character archetypes.


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