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One thing is certain: the success story of advertising as we knew it is over. Actually story is the only method for brands to interact with their audiences in a sustainable way across multiple touchpoints and media. Provided it’s done right! So you need to understand the real concept that lies beneath story perfectly, why story is a primal and vital need for humans and how to handle story right. Markus Gull and his company provide two services:
1) We find stories and bring them to life.
2) We help companies to find their brand’s stories and bring them to life.

These services are provided in different formats.

For companies and brands

Every brand has a story. Together we find, develop and vitalize it. We are happy to do that also together with your advertising- or other communications-agencies. We are definitely not on the hunt for new advertising accounts.

For agencies

For new business pitches, as feedback providers or as initiators for existing accounts – our know-how is of great value for advertising-, PR- or media-agencies.


Frequently we give public workshops. Or you can book a workshop tailor-made for your company.

Story doctoring

With us, those who need support with developing, advancing, focusing or repairing their brand story are in the best hands.


Op-ed articles, speeches, talks, keynotes, books, biographies – you won’t believe the names of the clients we ghostwrite for already. And you’ll never find out.

For example

Who we’ve worked with so far

Creative Partners


Organic foods

How to build the storyworld for a new organic food brand and how it became within four years the most trusted brand in its market.

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How to find the lost story and how to develop the storyworld for the leading lingerie brand in its market.

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How to develop a brand storyworld in order to turn a sophisticated martial arts training concept into a lifestyle brand.

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How to turn the biggest grocery retailer in its market into a real brand driven through story.

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Investment goods B2C

How to find and develop the compelling storyworld for a prefabricated house company.

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Human ressources

How to build a massive Human Resources program on the foundations of the brand story.

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Corporate responsibility

How to develop a vivid CSR story that involves company, employees, and customers at the same time.

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Over the last two decades, Markus Gull and his teams have
worked with an eclectic range of companies and brands:


Karol Martesko-Fenster


Karol is an Austrian-born American entrepreneur and media industry innovator with broad motion picture, broadcast, print, and Internet backgrounds. Karol provides strategic direction and advisory counsel to a diverse slate of clients and partners. His primary focus common to all engagements is –brand architecture, compelling fiction and non-fiction films, transformative entrepreneurship, story R&D, and immersive video centric content applications.

Karol co-founded,,, RES Magazine, and FILMMAKER Magazine and has produced or executive produced over 40 award winning feature films and music television programs.

Michelle Byrd


Michelle is a veteran of running media-based non-profit organizations, including Games for Change for three years and IFP for 12. She is currently the principal of Run It By Byrd, and is a recipient of the “Made in New York” Career Achievement Award and sits on the board of The Adrienne Shelly Foundation and the Advisory Board for Women at NBCUniversal

Lance Weiler


Lance, a storyteller, entrepreneur and pioneer in mixing storytelling and technology, has designed experiences that have reached millions of people via theaters, mobile devices and online. WIRED magazine named him “one of 25 people helping to re-invent entertainment and change the face of Hollywood.” Businessweek named Emmy® nominee Lance Weiler “One of the 18 Who Changed Hollywood.”

He sits on two World Economic Forum steering committees, is Director of Experiential Learning and Applied Creativity at Columbia University where he teaches on storytelling in the 21st Century and is working on a slate of next gen storytelling projects

Elias Ladopoulos


Elias, more commonly known by his pseudonym “Acid Phreak”, is widely recognized as one of the original computer hackers of the 1980’s and 90’s – a distinction documented in numerous books, articles, and television segments. Decades later, he incubates ideas at the intersection of technology, financial markets, consumer behavior and digital media.

Ted Lambert


Ted is a writer, editor and producer of content for film, television, print and digital media. He has worked with many leading international brands including GE, IBM, American Express and BMW. Ted has crafted promotions for networks like AMC, USA, Bravo, Nickelodeon, IFC, Vulcan Productions, Smithsonian, NDR (Germany), MTV and VH1.

Ted was Editor-in-Chief of the innovative international Web-TV hub Babelgum with offices in London, Milan and New York. His writing on film and the arts has appeared in The New York Times and The Boston Globe as well as many magazines.

Colin Metcalf


Colin is an artist-designer with an entrepreneurial bent. Metcalf co-founded RESFEST, the world’s first digital entertainment festival, as well as the acclaimed pop culture publications GUM and LEMON. His collaborators and contributors include David Bowie, Sonic Youth, Daft Punk, Stefan Sagmeister and Chip Kidd among others.

His work is the recipient of numerous awards and has been featured in The New York Times, ID, Creative Review and Communication Arts. He works with companies and agencies alike to bring life and vision to a spectrum of communication needs.

Jeff de Joseph


Jeff is a pioneer and recognized leader in the fields of brand planning, agency management and entertainment marketing. His perspective on marketing and culture is based on a uniquely faceted set of experiences working on seminal brands with some of the most important and influential forces of modern marketing.

As chairman and chief executive officer of ConstellationNY, LLC he runs a leading Business-to-Business marketing services company providing growth strategies that use branding, communications and content solutions for diversified industrials, financial services, pharmaceutical and media clients


Grit & Luster specializes in branding, design and bespoke content. The company works in a collaborative spirit with agencies, entrepreneurs and other enterprises to create brand experiences that accomplish practical goals with lasting emotional resonance

Cinelan curates, produces and distributes award-winning film programs that influence audiences by fulfilling the fundamental human desire to experience a good story. Cinelan recently completed FOCUS FORWARD – Short Films, Big Ideas, a Webby-nominated and CLIO-winning series of thirty 3-minute films that reached audiences around the globe with over 140 screening events across all seven continents and over 75 million film-views from 150+ countries. Founding partners are Morgan Spurlock, Damon Smith, David Laks, Douglas Dicconson, Jack Myers and Karol Martesko-Fenster.

Learn Do Share
(LDS) is a grassroots innovation engine; a combination of events, labs and peer production for open collaboration, design fiction and social innovation. LDS’ mission is inspired by this quote from visionary architect Buckminster Fuller: “Make the world work for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone.” The three words LEARN, DO and SHARE embody our philosophy: We learn from everyone.

We do by prototyping. We share what we learn. The Learn Do Share lab runs at our events as well as having been staged for Columbia University and the UN.

Supermassive Corp.
is a private hacker-driven technology design studio that works with industry partners to develop new forward-thinking solutions. We bring together teams of extremely unique relationships to offer an injection of R&D that can rapidly reinvigorate and spawn new products and IP, or enhance existing operations.


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